PowerBank Xiaomi Mi в Тобольске

PowerBank Xiaomi Mi в Тобольске
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Tweet on Twitter Xiaomi has confirmed the availability of the Mi Power Bank 2i in a tweet this morning.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2i: Specifications and Features

The power bank is now available for purchase from popular e-commerce stores Flipkart and Amazon India. There are two variants of these power banks with 10,mAh and 20,mAh capacities. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2i: The pricing of the two variants of the Mi power bank is the same as last time with the 10,mAh model available for Rs.

Both of them support high-capacity two-way fast charging via dual USB outputs. The power banks are equipped with the ability to adjust power outputs depending on the needs of the plugged-in devices.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro

This will enable the low power charging mode for two hours and is ideal for charging Bluetooth headsets or fitness bands. Xiaomi also mentioned that is Mi Bluetooth Headset utilises 0. The two power banks also make use of nine layers of chip circuit protection that is also designed to enhance their charging efficiency. The next protective feature is the implementation of automatic protection of the motherboard and battery when a short circuit occurs.

Mi Power Bank

There is even protection against voltage surges that could damage the device over a specific input limit. The chargers can detect if the charger is connected incorrectly and will stop charging in those situations. They offer the ability to be reset if encountering an unstable environment.

They can monitor output currents as well and will shut down if the current is exceeding the maximum limit to protect a connected device. Xiaomi explains that it has implemented Japanese technology that will prevent overcharging and over-discharging of the Li-poly batteries. It is black in colour and weighs just g.

How to Identify a Fake Xiaomi (Mi) Power Bank

Its ergonomic design will ensure an excellent grip, and the surface is designed to resist sweat, corrosion and daily wear. Xiaomi states that this will ensure approximately 2. When using both ports at the same time, the charger can give 5. It is built using high quality, environment-friendly polycarbonate ABS material and weighs g.

This variant will be white in colour. When compared to the smaller model, this power bank is claimed to ensure approximately 4.