Ultra Save Boxx в Обнинске

Ultra Save Boxx в Обнинске
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Read the full disclosure. Dot Boxx is a monthly or bi-monthly, if you prefer period subscription box designed to keep you well stocked with supplies, like tampons and pads, and goodies, like treats and pampering products, to help your time of the month be as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Dot Boxx offers three different subscriptions for different age ranges and needs. Most boxes give you the option to receive period supplies or skip them and just get the self-care items.

They also offer fun combination and themed boxes you should check out! Dot Boxx The Cost: Choose to receive your box monthly or every other month! Period supplies like tampons and pads, plus pampering items, pain relief products, and other surprises.

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist! They all come bundled in their own little plastic bag. Do you recognize the packaging? Prices differ a lot by brand, and you can definitely save by buying them in bulk. Do they look familiar to you? I like that they have smooth plastic applicators!

Box lets you secure, share and edit all your files from anywhere.

I love tea, especially during that time of the month. Yogi Teas tend to be a bit more herbal rather than overwhelmingly flavorful. The citrus kick of the Sweet Tangerine is probably my favorite. These two-packs are helpful in to have on hand for that reason. Each one includes two doses of Advil, so you can take it through the day. When they come out of the package, each flat, slightly squishy, bean-shaped pad is just a bit damp, but nowhere near as wet as a face mask might be.

Ultra Space Save – 35940

The bit of moisture does help them cling to the spaces between your eyes and your cheekbones. Did I notice any revolutionary brightness? Not with just one use, no. But they did give me that fresh vibe that sitting with cucumber slices on your eyes creates. I found an 8 oz candle on the Seagoat Candles site, but this one is 7. This has a powdery fragrance, almost like someone blended lavender into baby powder. This body butter brought me right back to that time with its fresh, cucumber scent!

It has a whipped consistency to it that fades into the skin beautifully. I found this lotion to be surprisingly luxurious—it left my skin feeling satiny smooth and smelling like a pool party. Unlike those tools, this wrap is air activated and designed to fit right over that crampy area. Did they do anything revolutionary?

No, but they definitely did their job of making my face feel moist and fresh. I have to guess that these would make a big difference in your skin if you used them with some regularity. This stemless wine glass is super cute! I love anything with gold metallic accents, too, so this glass was an easy win for me. This name… so good! This bubble bath echoes the cucumbery scent of the body butter from earlier. I really like how fresh these aromas are.

The White Boxxx

I like the extremely subtle shimmer it has, too! They kind of taste like a chunkier version of the cookie part of an Oreo—crunchy, dark-chocolatey, and more rich than sweet. I love the chocolate chips inside mixed into the cookies, too. The period supplies in this box are relatively standard compared to the organic or more out-of-the-ordinary period products offered by other subscriptions , but I was all in all really pleased with this box!

The pampering items were a lot of fun, and I love that a few smaller brands and makers were featured rather than all commercial brands.